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BioIdentical Hormone Therapy Fredericksburg VA

All About Men

Are these symptoms familiar?


  • Low Sex-Drive?

  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  • Depressed?

  • Losing muscle and strength?

  • Joints hurt?

  • Still tired when you wake up in the morning?


If you answered "yes" to some of the questions above then hormone therapy may be right for you. Throughout a man’s life, testosterone is what helps a man maintain his male characteristics. At some point, all men will experience andropause; the lowering of testosterone levels (Low T) in their bodies. When testosterone levels decrease, most men will experience some or all of the symptoms above. Unfortunately, most men go undiagnosed and are prescribed medications like antidepressants and blood pressure medications. However, these medications often treat the symptoms and not necessarily the cause.

If you have symptoms of low testosterone or other hormones then the solution can be quite simple – replace them.

What is Andropause?
There is a growing body of literature which shows that men suffer from hormonal problems just like women but with a slower, more gradual onset which often goes undiagnosed. In fact, most men assume that the symptoms they are experiencing are just “a normal part of getting older”. As men age, they suffer from the effect of too little testosterone and too much estrogen. This decline and change in hormone levels is called Andropause.

Most family physicians are not trained to recognize this even if the patient seeks their doctor’s help. This results in a patient’s symptoms of low testosterone being misdiagnosed. For example, a man with low testosterone goes to his primary care doctor complaining of low energy, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and depressed mood. The physician does not recognize these as symptoms of low testosterone and misdiagnoses the patient as having:


  • Erectile Dysfunction – Viagra is prescribed.

  • Depression – An anti-depressant is prescribed.


The Live Fit Solution

In our office, our patients are evaluated through laboratory testing, a full medical history, and a physical exam. If hormone replacement therapy is indicated, we use only Bio-identical hormones and supplements. An emphasis is also placed on proper diet and exercise.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Fredericksburg, VA
Hormone Replacement Therapy Fredericksburg, VA

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